From the outside in

By Amaia78

a wish for good health

This old man is Shou Xing a.k.a. Shou Lau, the God of Longevity and Health. He's been around in my house for more than 20 years and I haven't paid much attention to him. Last night I decided to make him the subject of today's entry because I haven't realized until a few days ago how valuable good health was to me. I never thought I would turn down a promotion for it, but I did recently. Watching my coworker struggled with anxiety and panic attacks (all exacerbated by stress); however, made me think that though I could earn more money, I could end up like her and most of the extra money then would probably go to paying doctors and specialists. Not worth it, friends concurred. Good health is a treasure that many people don't appreciate until it is lost. So today I gave Shou Xing an extra dusting and wish that he bestows his favor on us for many years to come.

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