By Elroyofderovers

Another Troubled Soul

Centre Stage

Another one bites the dust and succumbs to the devil and destruction of drugs. Obviously done publicly which is what highlights this case, but it happens every day to hundreds of people the World over. I don't feel sorry any more for Whitney and the likes than I do for Joe Bloggs. But what is strange is that you think you can understand more the Joe Bloggs becoming an addict (perhaps no hope for a future, troubled childhood etc) more than the Whitney's of the World (the World at their feet, gifted with a natural talent, want for nothing and can do whatever they want with their life). Is it the fame game that messes with their head and pushes them over the edge? Have they just had troubled child hoods (aka Michael Jackson) like some of the Joe's? Is it not being able to get a bigger thriller/fix better than they get on stage? Regardless they all have one thing in common; we choose do to something that we know can have a devastating impact on ourselves and those around us, but we still choose to do it. I suppose we will never really know what makes human beings do this (not just drugs) and that is what makes us so complex and fascinating at the same time.

Either way it is all pretty tragic. RIP all of those that have succumbed to the devil today - whatever your devil is. We can only try and help them and hope that the loved one's around us don't go down the same path.

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