Learning to Ski

This very blurred photo shows Rob (in the centre of the photo in black trousers and an orange jacket) on his first skiing lesson at the Snowdome. I was really impressed at how well he got on and I think he is relieved that it went well. Despite trying lots of different settings on my camera I was unable to get a clear image but shall try again on Thursday when he has another lesson.

Lucy had to go into Birmingham for a meeting this morning, she is a member of a group of teenage volunteers that give opinions and ideas to companies setting up clinical trials for children. She enjoys this group very much and hopes that the experience will look good on her CV if she decides to study a scientific degree.

We have also been to Lichfield to put a deposit on the Prom dress so I can now forget about it for 13 weeks until it arrives **huge sigh of relief!

Spaghetti Bolognese for tea and then I'm going to be horrid and make the kids do some homework - they have such a lot and I don't want them to leave it all until the weekend !


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