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By RichieBoo

A Bridge too Far.....

The picture you see above is a company called "AMEC" The building is a modern mirrored glass cube, which was originally built for a local company called "Cleveland Bridge" which has built/constructed some of the world's greatest landmarks!

The Infinity Bridge that I can see from my office window is only just one of them! The Sidney Harbour Bridge is another - the list is endless! They just didn't build bridges, Canary Wharf, London - the tallest building! The roof structure of Wembley and just to think I thought Darlington was only famous for its trains.

This blipping research has really opened my eyes to what's on the doorstop!

Hope you have had a great Monday - Happy Blipping!!


Ps. Yet another un-tweaked image - check me out PappaG lol

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