Rural gutter shot

This morning required a trip to Penrallt woods just outside Llanidloes.

A good little circular walk and plenty of stick submachine guns to be found for the boys.

Spent some considerable time trying to fathom why it's so hard to take satisfying woodland shots and then defaulted to a gutter shot.

It's an amazing bit of road though - it changes constantly due to light, weather, tree cover. To drive up here in summer is quite a thing.

Spent ages cleaning the bus (VW van), noticing bits of tar here, paint chips there. I'm not a big fan of cleaning the car or cars in general but we have had a lot of fun in the bus and it's so practical for young boys and their paraphenalia.

Back home this afternoon.

Have hopefully left the house nice and clean for Mum and Dad (aka Untrained Eye) soon to return from their epic trip.

Going away is good but coming back can be good too. Mid Wales restores your life force!

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