Clix : Aperture Wide Shut

By clix


"Well I never Mavis, there's that chap out with his camera again."

"No. Where?"

"Over there. Crouching down low on that wee bridge with his wide angle lens."

"Why do they do that?"

"Oh, it's all to do with a sense of depth you see. Some folks think wide angle means you don't have to step back so far but we know that it really gives you a sense of depth. Don't we Mavis?"

"Oh? Um, yes. I suppose so."

"Wouldn't be surprised if he stuck a bit of tone mapping in too the naughty chap."

"Erm, are you bothered about being photographed Agnes?"

"Oh no. With a lens like that even the crop sensor magnification will mean we'll be quite small in the final picture Mavis."

"That's a relief. Marks and Sparks?"

"Ooh yes, it's dine in for a bender where you can pretend you're not really buying wine again."

"Let's go."

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