Fun in the Fens

By Jimbofin

Bed Head

I love the D-Lux 4 but despite that red dot it is still a compact camera with the limitations that go with the territory.

It isn't the fastest camera to switch on, to focus, or to write to the SD card. Whilst it isn't bad at controlling noise I don't really like going above ISO 400. That might not be such an issue if I shot JPG as well as RAW because the in camera processing is good. The flash isn't too bad, if anything a little too powerful and sometime to get the right effect you need to use not only the maximum -2 stops of flash compensation but also a stop or two of negative exposure compensation as well. Another issue I found in the cold spell was that the body gets cold quickly and so does the battery, playing havoc with the charge.

Anyway, all this long preamble is actually my excuse for why it isn't the best camera to take pictures of the poodles with. I actually managed an OK shot of Roxy on this morning's walk, except that I blew the highlights on the top of her head. I've consistently struggled to get good photos of Daisy, who is jet black, and this chap, Dougie, the other one of September's litter that we kept. The paws are nicely in focus, at least.

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