Just a slice of life. I was perusing LR's tumblr journal this morning and loving the little trip it was taking me on. So today's blip is motivated by that trip. I'm not trying to copy or even emulate his style (I don't think I would be very good at that). But I do want to show a little of my life or my space much like he has done. If you've never seen his journal, I would recommend you head right on over there now.

So, V/day today, eh? Valentines day. Pretty hard day for my single friends. Silly because it's such an arbitrary day. Not even a holiday. Even those of us in relationships can find it kind of weird. As Karin says, we have V day every day, and it's true. So it feels really silly to focus on it today.

I've had my day turned upside down. Had a photoshoot planned for this afternoon. Cancelled :/ But dinner with my son tonight will be very nice.

Keeping my fingers crossed tomorrow's shoot is not cancelled!!! Well, if it is, I'll get other things done instead.

Four more nights till my next ski trip! :D :D

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