By willcarroll

Fly-by fancy

This wee chap landed out the back of the house as I was making my morning espresso. I had wanted to capture something like this three days ago - but nothing was landing in the right places.

It's better today, anyway, with the brighter sky. I like the way that the oranges high up in the morning sky reflect the mud-bath of the building site. It's a dirty sky. And I admire the freedom of the bird to come and perch for a while, take in the scene, and then move on.

I wrote a bit about some of the complaints that we've had about the development before. On a practical level, they are very real. But on a more philosophical note, following the thought about the bird - I wonder if the real problem is that we are all too heavily invested in the present (through owning houses, pay debts, etc...) that we have been robbed of the freedom to walk away in the future?

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