Blipaholic Deb

By BlipaholicDeb

Heavens Above!

I saw the rays of light breaking through the cloud this afternoon and strived to capture it. Many of you know I find any sort of scenic photography quite difficult. Knew the only way to shoot it was HDR so here it is. I'm quite pleased in the fact that it's better than I thought it would be but still not perfect so anyone with any hints or tips please feel free to leave them so I can take them on board next time I attempt anything like this!

Had to take Max for his pre-school booster today....I know it's late...stupid doctors! It hurt him, more so because after our holiday injections he knew what was coming. I hate to tell him that he's got to go back for the holiday boosters!! Took him to Danson Park after to feed the ducks and play. He wanted to take the powershot so he could shoot some photos too. Whoopee, one that might follow in my footsteps!
Here's his shots from today. Not bad my little protege!

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