Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


When I got home from Tai chi class around noon, there was Oskar! He was home from school with a cold and his parents needed to go to work. So he had to go do some errands with us and he talked his Grampa into a little Death Star lego set (while I was at the Apple Store trying to get smarter...) which I had some trouble helping him make, even tho it says 6-9 years! Haven't had a nice portrait of him and those lovely blue eyes for some time -so today is Oskar's day. He WILL be at school tomorrow!!

Tomorrow we are off to the island for 10 days or so. Waaaaay overdue! Looking forward to water, trees and some wildlife! It's winter break from school in Seattle so Tatum and Fiona and their parents will be there for some of next weekI

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