One Crowded Hour

By GlassRoad

kerb side pick up

Twice a year, our local council organises to pick up all sorts of green and other 'rubbish' from their rate payers. When it first started, the limits as to what could be put out for collection was unspecified and they were overwhelmed with everything from bags of ancient magazines to rusting car bodies.

Smarting from that, regulations have been tightened considerably over the years but there is still scope to do a serious de-cluttering. Along with the de-clutterers are those who further clutter sheds and attics and 'kerb crawling' takes on a whole new meaning. Trucks with trailers collect all sorts of stuff and the rest of us, the less serious collectors but mere browsers , can still pick up a treasure.

I must admit to being quite taken with this original tea chest complete with label. The owner was up and around early this morning when the hound and I walked past. Apparently there is an even better tea chest in the shed that I can have!

So much for de-cluttering.

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