Seagulls & Cormorants On The Edge

Off for a walk round Schierstein today. There's a lot of thick ice in the Hafen and a big melted diagonal stripe through it. These birds are about 100 metres out and standing on the edge on the ice by the flowing water. We had a bit of a treat as we saw one of the cormorants diving and coming back up with a fish - not once but twice. Can't remember seeing that before.

There are more signs of Karneval Madness around. Karneval is very popular here and it culminates in this weekend. There will be a parade here on Sunday and then total chaos in Mainz on Rosenmontag. The early signs I mentioned were a couple of kids out shopping with their mother - one dressed in Lion Suit and the other in a Tiger Suit, full face make up for both.

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