Red Road - 25

My first Red Road picture of 2012 and it came about because they were in the news today.

The Headline reads:-

Desperate hunt for 'trapped cat' in 30-storey tower block due to be blown up!

Locals near the landmark Red Road flats in Glasgow have heard the moggy miaowing from the top of the huge block.
And one resident said: "They can't blow up the building if there's a poor wee cat in there. "I've heard it miaowing, and I'm sure I saw its eyes when I shone a torch up at the flats. It hasn't moved from the same area for a few days so I reckon it's got to be stuck up there".

It has been reported to the SSPCA who are investigating.

Now if I could just get a picture of the cat being rescued from the flats that would be quite a Blip.

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