A Modern Morning

Brunch with EJ across the street at the Modern. Delectable as usual. What a beautiful, dramatic morning too. And afternoon. And evening. So windy and wet and cold. I went through three pairs of shoes. They're all soaking wet.

I had a veritable Saturday today. Delightful. Didn't know there was a Neiman Marcus in FTW. Bought a onesie jumper for Africa. CAN'T WAIT. Blips forthcoming.

Tonight we dined at Mi Cocina and then went to see The Vow. I have really been in the mood for an intense emotional chick flick. This qualified. It helps that it was inspired by true events too. I was really hoping for some more in depth neurological testing on screen though. (Pretty please?)

I've been listening to "England" by The National on repeat for the past several hours as I've been catching up on my blips for the past month. I really have just needed some brooding music with a dramatic piano player. This is sufficing... but I need more. I need music so much. New music. New lyrics to pour over.

I've realized something in my absence from daily blipping. Something so wonderful. Something that I might not have realized had happened if I had stuck in the daily routine. Redemption. I'm happy. Honestly happy. And I'm no longer in love. That is a huge relief for my poor heart. Sappy, I know. But I have to say it, own it, live it. Even a relationship that lasted but a blink of an eye and it took me quite some time to get over it. I can't explain it. I can only say that I am thankful that I have been released from its hold finally. Onward. To bigger and better dreams.

Speaking of dreams.

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