The Daily Martin

By martinalexrolph


Today felt very productive, probably the benefit of having left the laptop at Uni overnight (I went straight from Uni to Leamington and so eft my stuff in the darkroom) and hence rather fewer distractions.

My room is now dramatically more tidy and I shall probably finish it off tonight after I write this and do a little Metric Spaces.

I did go onto Campus despite having no lectures (I feel like an arts student!) to collect my stuff and try - yet again! - to sort out my modules and choices. It seems that between me and eMR we have dug a hole that means I will not ba able to do an MMath and will probably instead end up doing a Masters in something else (probable) or somewhere else (unlikely).

The thing is that I just don't want to leave Uni! But a Masters in AI would be great.

Anyway, after talking to a couple of people about that I went to Curiousitea for cake and Second Year Essay. I rather like working in unusual spaces: outside, in coffee shops and in the darkroom. And I got a fair amount done today, plus the muffin was delicious!

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