LMGL - Project 366

By LMGLPhotography

Low key, high key

Today's FebChallenge phrase: "high key, low key"

I had many ideas for this one (many of them included the usage of a piano and keys), but due to a busy timetable today, I wasn't able to take a very creative photo today...

Today the sky decided to drop all it's snow-reserves in Finland. It rained at least 30-40cm of snow today. Many cars were stuck on the roads, and I helped to push two cars out of the snow today. We cleared our yard of snow once in the morning, then again in the afternoon, but that wasn't enough, we had to do it still once more in the evening. And the snow just keeps falling down - I'm scared to even imagine, how the yard will look like tomorrow after a whole night of snowing... :D

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