Telephoto snowdrops....

A bright, cold sparkling day - a real contrast to yesterday. I slept through sunrise, but took the dogs up to Old Sulehay fairly early.There were still localised areas of frost in the shaded parts of the quarry and along the main ride.

Spring is definitely in the air - the wood resounded with the drumming of greater spotted woodpeckers, though I didn't actually see a single bird! But there was a large flock of fieldfares in an adjacent field, foraging in the bright morning sun.

Old Sulehay is renowned locally for its snowdrop display, and I seemed to have timed my visit to coincided with the peak flowering. In some places there were carpets of the snowy white flowers, while in others the occasional clump just peeked through the dark leaf litter.

I've already posted a couple of snowdrop images, but I just love them, and this is the first I've taken with a 300mm lens. Perhaps I should experiment to see how many ways there are to photograph a snowdrop?

The rest of the day was mostly spent washing down the kitchen walls and ceiling, which proved to be a major task. Alex returned safely from Newcastle, a little tired, but I think that's inevitable at that age after a good weekend away!

PS Thanks so much for all the hearts and stars for yesterday's little moss! I think I really ought to re-title it Toffee Apples for Fairies - so appropriate.

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