Balmain's Blipfoto

By Birdybalmain

Golden rays and golden crown.

A fine early start this morning, 04:55 wake up call for a 05:15 pick up to go ringing. I started some weeks back and have recently registered as a Trainee with the BTO under the watchful eye of my very experienced trainer.

On traveling to our site a Barn Owl swept across the road in front of us giving me lovely view of its underside.

We arrived at the site in total darkness as we need to get the nets up before first light. On completing this I was rewarded with a stunning view of the moon rising above the tree line. (I think some more foreground should have been left in the crop but hey, its only FB).

Today was quite successful for what has been a slow site this winter with 19 birds today.
A mixture of Coal, Blue and Great Tit. Some Dunnock, Tree Sparrows, Robins and this lovely male Goldcrest. Most were new birds with only a few being re traps. Strangely no chaffinches at all.

All nicely spread out and of good size to allow me to extract the bigger birds from the net and process them.

The Goldcrest is a first for me having never seen one in the field and its such an honour to see birds this close. His plumage was really striking with the bright orange parts hidden on his nape. To think that this, the UK's smallest bird (and it really is tiny) can migrate over the North Sea from Scandinavia.
I just need to make sure the camera has focussed on the right bit next time and keep the bird in the sunlight!

There was a Greater Spotted Woodpecker nearby and a Buzzard calling from afar.

My afternoon was spent sleeping and some meager attempts at my course work. Extremely slow going but every little bit helps.
It looks like much of the night will involve looking at the computer and researching the River Almond Catchment.

I hope you've all had a good weekend. Its time to take the dog out.

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