By tolu

Kai had an appointment at Manchester Children's hospital today for some strange 'attacks' he's been having. It was the beginning of a few months of investigations to see whether he has a form of epilepsy, and if so what form, and then, what course of action needs to be taken.
I didn't sleep well at all last night, worrying about the outcome and whether it would unsettle Kai to see his father who he sees very rarely.

Despite it being all a little daunting, Kai seemed to believe me when I said we were going on an adventure today and took it all in his stride, doing all the tricks to impress the paediatrician and laying still as a 'dead soldier' for his ECG.
In the cafe afterwards he insisted on a hot chocolate that was almost as big as his head before bouncing about at a music making session at the Manchester Art Gallery!

Home now and emotionally I was reminded just how much I love my little boy and what a wonderful blessing he is to me.

Sorry for not having been very good at commenting this weekend. Looking forward to catching up with your journals today


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