horns of wilmington's cow

By anth

Deux Chevaux Vapeur

In short supply
As out we cry
To be recognised
But instead patronised
Told what we want
Why we want
How we want
When we want

But what I want
What I need to be
Is not a number
But a man, free


I love seeing old cars on the road. It's a bit of a oxymoron that I'm a daily cyclist, editor of a cycling mag, but love cars. Or maybe not. It's more the over-use, or needless use, combined with poor driving that I really detest. And the monotony of most modern cars which seem to have to conform to a standard.

In a few months time I hope to have a Triumph Stag on the driveway. It sort of proves my point and ideals.

So I was happy to see this 2CV parked outside St Mary's Cathedral as I walked back to work, having had a quick coffee with an old schoolfriend (and her two young daughters) who I hadn't seen in over a year (at least). It confirmed to me that not everyone wants to be a number. That individuality can still be prized.

And that I'm not that odd after all.

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