The Blackcountry Man

By brickmaker

New Toy.....

Well I have had it a while really but could never get to use it until last night, where I set it to take 140 pictures at 30 seconds shutter speed. Well you didn't think I was going to sit outside in Minus 3C last night did you?

New thing today, I did the wages for the first time, with good guidance from Evelyn by my side, I should be OK when I am on my own in a weeks time.
Well we are into the last week for the Guys and Gals of Rudgwick, end of an era, I know I have harped on about it over the past few weeks but soon it will be all over bar the shouting.

Today I have had my new tyres on the BMW without any trauma unlike Friday, when it was driven out of the workshop the tyres squeaked, made me smile.

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