Hello Fernie!

Fernie is one of Canada's great ski hills. It's a bit rough, rugged. It does not have all kinds of fancy posh hotels and restaurants. No cool night life. The town is still very much like a rustic frontier town of the late 19th C. People come here to ski. Ski their brains out, so to speak. People come for the powder, the steep and deep bowls, the glades and trees. This is a place like no other in the world. I have wanted to come here for more than 30 years (as long as I've been a skier). Finally, I am able to make the trip. I have taken too long!

A funny memory I have from a few weeks back, I was in France enjoying the skiing there but very aware that as good as it was, it's really nothing like western Canada - still, I always say my favourite ski hill is the one I'm on ;). Anyway, on a gondola a local woman and I were talking and I asked her if she had ever skied anywhere else? "Why would I when I have this in my back yard?" was her answer. My retort, if I could offer it now would be this view :D

So, here is Joel and me. I don't remember which hill we're standing on. But we have been skiing our brains out! My legs are exhausted. The powder is incredible. The terrain so varied and beautiful. I think this is going to be a very, very good week!

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