Probably a shot of a Jnr

By Hollowspy

Hollowspy TNG

This is Jnr Jnr's new 'toy'. She had still got all her birthday (September!) and Christmas money from relatives to spend and has been asking for a camera for quite a while. I wasn't sure it's what she really wanted so put her off a bit and asked her to think about it for a few weeks. She did and was adamant. Her money, her choice. So wanting something that produces a bit better a shot than the crap mega-pixelated kiddie's cameras you get, I did some research.

Settled on the Nikon (had to be!) Coolpix L25 - a new release that only came out this week. First look - seems great: 10mp, 5x wide zoom, huge 3 inch LCD, complete auto mode and even shoots video in crispy 720p HD!!!! Perfect for her. It even does this whizzy face recognition thing where it follows people around the frame with a little yellow border. How child-friendly is that?! :-D

Made me think that kids these days take technology for granted, and find it so easy - she was working it perfectly after a very short tutorial. I shudder to think how my skills might have turned out with an HD film camera and instant photography available to me at the age of 5!!!!!!

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