One among many....

Thank you all so much for the all the comments, hearts and stars!! I'm so glad that I was able to share such a special experience with you, and especially that it resulted in Angelahen experiencing this for herself today!

Today I took the dogs out to Holme Fen, as for once I didn't have any morning commitments. There'd been rain in the night, which meant that everything was sparkling and fresh. I'd decided I wanted to try and get some more moss images, to capture their fresh spring growth, and my particular target was a macro of Bank Haircap Polytrichastrum formosum, which grows profusely on the acid soils of the woodland floor.

I've previously taken shots of this species from above, which are very attractive, as each plant looks like a little star. But today I wanted a lateral view, which involved lying down on the damp ground. Gemma seemed to take a dim view of our rather halting progress. I'm sure professional photographers don't have to cope with dogs who plonk themselves just where they will block out the sunlight, and then refuse to move!

My search for the best mounds of moss took us away from the paths, and we were all surprised when we flushed a woodcock, always a delight to see, even though its a bit alarming when they fly off almost from under your feet! As we were driving home I saw a red kite with a twig in its beak. I pulled over and watched it fly into a small copse, where I presume it's nesting. I shall have to keep an eye on this location over the coming months.

I'm afraid I won't be commenting tonight. Alex has his final day of lambing tomorrow, which involves me getting up just after 4am, and then driving down to Shuttleworth. I'm off to bed now to try and get a decent number of hours of sleep beforehand!

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