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By Birdybalmain

Pancake supper but about birds

Pancake mix full of caster sugar. No bacon in the house so it'll just be maple syrup and fresh lemon juice. A fine end to a night of studying.

Still feeling a bit run down but I had a good day watching the bird feeder I put out last week. We're on the 4th floor and I can just see it with my binoculars through a willow.

It truly has been a success with Goldfinch, Great Tit and Coal Tit visiting today along with two cheeky wood pigeon who devoured the loose fat balls I had on the tray.

Great tit and coal tit are new visitors to the garden too and I was most surprised about the coal tit. I saw one gold finch yesterday at the other side of the courtyard, a first for the garden list.

Feeder list now stands at:
Black Bird
Gold finch
House Sparrow
Blue Tit
Great Tit
Coal Tit
Wood Pigeon
Rock Dove (perhaps a feral hybrid)
Feral Pigeon

Who knows what else will come into our busy courtyard full of cars. I'm hoping greenfinch soon as they have been around outwith the courtyard.

We're in the Dalry area of Edinburgh right next to a large main road and lots of housing but I regularly see a kestrel near by and I have a good video on YouTube of a male feeding on a mouse.

All these new sightings must be down to me observing more but I believe the feeding station is helping.

Well for a photo of pancakes insure have spoken a lot about birds. I've just made the 9th one and it's time to eat.

Night folks

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