By Bundle

Hampton Poyle

I discovered that the birds of prey I had seen here in December were peregrine falcons which breed in a nearby quarry, so I nipped over at lunchtime to see if I could spot them.

They were hanging out in their usual place at the roadside, on blip avoidance, so I went and took some shots of the church and chose to blip this chap looking across at what may well once have been his grave.

That was today's brief interlude from work... which leads me neatly into last week's session on communication... (well, ok, maybe not neatly...).

So, in order to warm things up I asked my colleagues to think of their favourite word and then share with the group the reason why it was their favourite word... and that all went well, and was interesting and fun. But I was taken by surprise when they turned to me and asked for my favourite word.

Foolishly unprepared, my mind went blank and then the word frabjous came out of the blue. I realised later that it must be because the Jabberwocky had recently been blipped (O frabjous day! - the Jabberwocky's famous chortle). I think they all thought I was a bit mad. In fact though, Jabberwocky is full of great words: gimble, fruminous, whiffling, galumphing, mimsy and best of all, the Jabberwock is to be found in uffish thought. Don't you just so often find yourself in uffish thought?!?

Now I think it would be fun if you told me your favourite words?

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