I am rosco

By iamrosco

Jif Lemon Juice Day

Celebrated in style with a Jif well-known-brand-of-lemon-juice soaked pancake and a drink - was thirsty after the gym you see.

Off to iron some shirts and pack for a visit down south. Definitely making room for the X100 after spotting some fantastic shots recently, just a pity my new strap hasn't turned up yet - would have made keeping it handy a bit easier and more secure. Ordered a week past Friday, delivery was labelled as 1st class, emailed the bloke this Saturday to enquire as it had been over a week and nada, he got back straight away (to his credit) but only to point out their policy of handling orders within 10 to 14 days (definitely not to his credit), so I asked if I could get it by today as I was heading off for a few days.........nothing, and it's not here.



I know, I know, it's hardly the worst thing in the world (ball parks don't even come close), but it is pretty shonky to require 10 to 14 days to process an order. Bah

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