Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK

Faces of Fiona #47

Well It's tuesday, our regular day with Fiona and she was sick last week so we missed her. She's with us for 5 days this week at the island but today will be her day.
Son #1 and H went in the boat to Galiano to refill the propane and get a few groceries but the girls (except for Fiona who put her lifejacket on for the boat...) didn't want to go - so we spent some time on the beach instead. It rained almost all night but sort of cleared up mid day. We made a nice design on the beach and collected some treasures. for some other projects. Later, Fiona is trying to copy her name and I liked the pointy finger as that is one of her main ways of communicating. Then she got some yogurt out of the frig and took it to eat at the table and tiny chair in front of the TV (The Incredibles). Apparently it's more fun to eat with one's shirt off. .... OH my, she is one busy (and loud) little girl. I thought I'd include her sister and her mom too on this blip... Tatum and her Mom and H and I had a sauna later.....Tatum thought it was too hot, but the rest of us felt better!

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