a bugger to get open

Although some of the closed-off windows dotted around Edinburgh are a result of the imposition of Window Tax back in ancient times there are a few which look more like the result of some form of internal building configuration-adjustment or stairwell-rebuild besides a potential case of change of building-use such as the tenement next to the former brewery, probably suffering some terrible indignities within. The one above is probably handy for the police stationed inside it so that they have a few nice dark stairs for their victims to fall down at any time of day and sandstone must muffle thumps and screams a lot more effectively than wood.

After noticing the replacement of the come-and-experience-Saudi-culture tent in Festival Square with a Lavazza-branded tentything I was reminding myself all morning to pop into it at lunchtime to see if they were dishing out freebie micropackets of coffee as they were a couple of years back but completely forgot after wandering around looking for windowless windows at lunch and got an extra coffee from Starbucks instead to occupy during the meeting I was supposed to be in from 14:00 to 16:00 which ended up being cancelled. Has anyone been in the tent this year and are they giving anything away or are they merely selling things?

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