Housewife's Choice

By christilou

Look, No Hands!

Just a little bit of chat, the lazy way! Little R has got a job , 25 hours a week waitressing at a posh restaurant. She seems really happy so I'm happy too :) Not necessarily a career as such but since she wants to go into marketing in some way this customer orientated experience will be good for her I think. Anyway, it's progress so fingers crossed all goes well.

Little B managed to escape out of the front door this afternoon. Luckily we live in a large cul de sac and so he wasn't directly near a main road but my adrenaline was coursing as he took his own sweet time to come back in. We tried to lure him with biccies but he was having none of it and had a merry time prancing around across the neighbours' gardens, (is that correct English?). He was definitely a "Little B" I'm afraid ;)

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