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Broken Spindles.

Spent some time in the Loop with Ryan, Chiara, Kelly, and Phil before heading out to Northalsted Market Days -- one of the largest Gay & Lesbian events in Chicago. Once there, we met up with Zane! We all wandered around looking at the people and merchandise. Ran into a few more friends I hadn't seen in years. Met some new people. I had a lot of fun and quite enjoyed people-watching (and the compliments I received from strangers). I LOVE Chicago. :-D

The posted blip is a random street scene in Chicago, not the actual Market Days I went to. For some reason I just didn't take too many photos because I was too busy looking around and talking to people. The blip I would have loved to post wasn't used because the people in the picture were unsure about it being public.

[A year ago today... lights while driving.]

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