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Darlington's own "Buckingham Palace"

Stooperdale Offices

Office building. 1911. Designed by William Bell for the North-Eastern railway Company. Ferro-concrete framing clad with Normanton brick and terracotta. Welsh slate roofs and various tall square chimney stacks. Baroque Revival style. Look at it LARGE

It is now a Grade II listed building (date listed 2001) It's the office of the Railway Pensions Management Ltd. When built the offices were occupied by the staff of the Chief Mechanical Engineer. In its day it was known as Darlington's own "Buckingham Palace".

This evening, I'm looking after my sisters kids "Chelsea & Wee Man" as previously featured on blip just around the corner from this spectacular building and when I drove past I turned around and drove in and click click snap snap. I was expecting security to come out and move me on? but not a whisper. I am seriously thinking about becoming a historian of this town as there's not a great deal on the web!

Today at work I was being trained to be a suicidal safetalker! Role play was interesting!

Hope you all have had a great Wednesday (It's Midweek) - Happy Blipping

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