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By ajt

Light At The End of The Tunnel

Today has been very busy. Work is busy at the moment. After work I had to retune the TV for digital switch over (at long last), reconnect to the Internet now we are on ADSL2+ (at long last) and fix my better half's Maglite all before dinner so I could go out to a Biodiversity Society meeting in the village.

The Maglite needed it's bulb replacing - which is okay as there is a spare in the end cap. It's also the subject of the blip.

The TV retune was painless, the 20 minutes afterwards moving everything back into a logical order and hiding all the pay-per-view, shopping channel and adult services rubbish was not so much fun.

The network took the longest to fix as the account changed from ADSL to ADSL2+ but it took me a while to find the new PPP credentials before I got it all working. We're not getting the theoretical 24 Mbps, but the 16 Mbps the router reports and the 5.5 Mbps that speedtest reports is still better than the 4/1.2 Mbps we were getting previously.

Time for bed now...

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