My Year in Pictures

By jenny


Great sleep last night making up for the previous night's adventure!

More sorting out of trek things today, writing shopping lists for tomorrow, registering the phone for abroad (hopefully - never quite sure when I speak to Vodafone!), various other bits and bobs and of course the usual dog walk.

The sun was fab and there was a real hint of Spring in the air. We disturbed a heron down by the river and for the first time I saw the deer crossing the river - looked like about 30 of them - though unfortunately I had no real clear line of sight for the camera. And I was a little distracted as Bill did give chase for a couple of hundred yards!

Then on the home straight the hedge was full of these Yellow Hammers (RSPB bird identifier to the rescue again!) who were singing away and flitting from twig to twig. It really did feel like they singing about the joys of Spring!

2 sleeps to go.

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