Travels Through A Lens

By SnapshotSam

Grey Matter

I passed by this chap whilst getting some lunch. On putting some coppers in the case he started juggling and making robot moves. Money well spent!

The colours are true. No processing, including the background.

Did a search on 'grey juggler' to see what would come up and found on the BBC news site that there was a study using brain scans, in which the researchers found that in 12 people who had learnt to juggle, certain brain areas had grown.

But three months later, during which time people stopped juggling, the brain had gone back to its normal size.

Now where are those juggling balls?

Late night (again) as been on a walk after work with my friend and a group of people locating the medieval boundaries around Leeds city centre. The boundaries mark the borders where the city ended and the countryside began. The boundaries fitted well within the current city centre, but that is to be expected as cities tend to expand over time with population growth.

As it was dark and we were looking at plaques or imaginary boundary stones there were no photos to blip.

Brief History: In Anglo-Saxon times Leeds was named Loidis. In medieval times Loidis became known as Leedis and Leeds comes from this. Sometimes residents of present day Leeds are described as Leeds Loiners. Funnily enough a fellow blipper called me that on blip a while ago and I had no idea what he meant. Now I do.

As it's quarter to midnight now I will catch up with you tomorrow :)

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