Nature's Baubles

Firstly a HUGE thank you to everybody who left comments, stars and hearts on yesterdays ladybird blip - all are very much appreciated and I was thrilled when it made 'Spotlight'. Also thank you to Bradybird for linking my blip to her beautiful ladybird shot.

Today started off grey and gloomy but the sun has since come out and the sky is blue. I've been to see my Mum and picked some books up from the library so have plenty of reading fodder for the weekend. I saw this tree outside the library, it looks as if it is covered with baubles - amazing that I have never noticed it before!! I have not messed with the colours either - the sky really was this blue.

Taking Lucy and Rob for a carvery after school - it is friday after all, and then swimming club later!

Have a wonderful and sunny weekend x

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