A better blipper than me

By pingufivemins

March of The Pigs

Evening all.

Well, the week is coming to a close and the weekend seems to be shaping up to be in good order.

I said that i'd have to pop out and buy a few eggs from the chap with the smallholding so i can have a lovely plate of scrambled eggs for my tea tonight.

Whilst up there i thought i'd take a snap or two of the pig that lives in a different part of the field, it seems a quiet, benevolent,inquisitive soul that drifts from its pen to various parts of the field,as it's area drifts onto the public footpath there is fencing for mutual comfort.

It was only when i'd taken a few photos of the approaching porker that i noted that although the posts were up and secure, there didn't seem to be any fencing between them....

As the pig filled my viewfinder, adrenaline filled my body, and fear filled my stomach, something else filled as well, but i'm too delicate to mention of it,

The pig was coming, marching on, relentless, and the wise words of my father-in law, a noted pig farmer of some repute came back to me.....


I did.
It may be cuddly and curious, it may be old and bold, cold and cranky, but the coward in me won out and i hopped the stile just in case.

Look at that, eggs already scrambled and bacon on the hoof as well!

Night all

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