Waterfoot Sunrise

By alasdairb

Loch Restil

They opened the A83 at Rest and Be Thankful again this morning, which gave us the incentive to drive up to Renfrew to clear yet more things before the house is sold.

We pulled in at the top of the Rest so I could get a blip of the infamous landslide area otherwise known as the west side of Beinn Luibhean. Its no wonder there are so many landslides when you see all the lines of water flow on the hillside. The area that has caused all the problems is on the right of this link picture, although there is no obvious sign of a slippage. There again, 50 tons of rocks and muck woild be no more than a pin prick on this shot!

I decided to blip this shot of Lock Restil simply because I have always wanted to get a picture of it. Every time you pass it the atmosphere is quite different. Its a bit like Glen Coe in that it can be very dark and threatening one day and the next it is bright with the contours of the hills defined by the light and shadows. As you might guess the former is much more common than the latter. Anyway, today was a bit brighter with a cold north westerly wind, which whipped up the water in the loch as can be seen in LARGE.

Before we left Carradale I noticed a little Coal Tit at the feeder and couldn't help but wonder if it was the one Mrs B managed to revive yesterday. I would like to think it is, but we will never know as they all look much the same to me!

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