By MallyC

Cadbury Reflected

Slept the sleep the busy and woke feeling jaded but ready to proceed. Very sore joints and aching muscles which I am putting down to all the housework yesterday.

A visit to the Farmers Market to pick up a very heavy pack of bacon from the Havoc 'Happy hogs' stall plus a couple of sundry items then home to sort out the list of things to take to Central Otago for our wedding week.

Finally I had to make a concerted effort to find something to wear to the wedding...most difficult as I hate having to buy of the rack. Would much rather create my wardrobe from items found through second hand shops and happenstance. Upshot? I found a pair of black trousers that look dressy and feel OK on. I am not a big fan of man-made materials and prefer bright colours but as black is the colour of choice for too many and cotton, linen, silk and bamboo all seem to reside only in op-shops I have had to make do with polyester/viscose/elastine and black!!

Next I have to find drapes for the upper torso...hopefully I will find a combination in my present wardrobe befitting a wedding.

This reflection in the back window of our car is of the Cadbury buildings where once upon a time good quality chocolate was made. Sadly most of their products are now made in Australia and no longer have that rich smooth taste and texture that was so defined Cadbury chocolate products; I've switched to Whittakers with an occasional drooling over Lindt.

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