Views from the Edge

By ElviraTSquirrel

Day one of the competition

Another back blip....I seem to be a day behind at the moment.

I'm writing this on Saturday morning...the day after the night before.

The groups have been working for months towards these two performances...this one (Friday) was the night of my daughter's play "Cafe Parisienne". Thurso Players have a number of entries into the SCDA Festival, and I must say that all the entrants are brilliant...yes, even the opponents! The funny thing is that everyone knows everyone else....loyalties are split. But at the end of the day we want OUR play to win.

Fridays night's plays were mystery, drama and comedy..and honestly they were all brilliant. The youth play, the Stolen Locket was devised by a group from Mount Pleasant Primary School, and the leader wrote the script for them. It was really well done, well acted, interesting and a credit to everyone involved. There was a brilliant use of a "mirror" to connect two eras and the actors were excellent.

Our play "Cafe Parisienne" was written by Glyn Jackson, and based on the last hour of the Titanic. A mix of characters introduce the horrific prospect of the unthinkable happening, and of course we all know the ending. It's poignant, beautifully moving and very well played by all involved. The narrators at the end brought tears to many eyes....mine included (and helped along by the band playing the tunes that were played at the time)

Finally Halkirk Village Drama Club brought us a comedy in Caithness dialect. This was a fast paced comedy with perfect timing...all about a couple of countrymen with a fondness for home-made whisky being visited by the excise man (who doesnt hve whisky on his mind). The actors had the audience in guffaws of laughter, even if perhaps the non-naitves may have had difficulty following all the dialect.

So, overall a brilliant night. I cant wait for the final plays tonight (Saturday)

Let the best play win (as long as its ours *lol*)

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