Fluff between thorns

In Walden Wood The Chickadee

In Walden Wood the Chickadee
Runs round the pine and maple tree,
Intent on insect slaughter:
O rufted entomologist!

Devour as many as you list,
Then drink the Walden Water.

-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

Field marks: The chickadee is a round, fluffy little bird, boldly marked with splashes of gray, black, and white in contrast to the streaks, lines, and pencilings characteristic of many of the smaller birds. The white side of the head, separating the black areas above and below it, shines out brightly and forms a good field mark even in the distance. The short bill and the fur-coat appearance of the plumage distinguish the chickadee from any of the warblers with their slender bills and sleek, elegant stylishness. And the invisible eye, hidden in black feathers, sets the chickadee apart from the kinglets, even when colors are obscured by the dark shadows of evergreens. Birdzilla.com

It's windy today with the chickadees having to hold tightly to the branches. Nosy Nelson has no trouble in the wind, he keeps an eye out for his peanuts.

For the Record,
This day came in with a strong wind, perhaps reaching 50mph.

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