The way I see it.

By christinePears

Winter pansy

Didn't stray very far from home today as my cold was making me feel tired and fuzzy headed. The pots that I planted up in the autumn with dwarf daffodils and winter pansies are now giving a welcome splash of colour. Some close ups of the pansies with some fresh rain drops on them meant I didn't need to go very far.

I noticed some new ducks on the pond behind my house where the swan was and I got some zoomed in shots of them that were good enough to identify them as teal but fuzzy enough not to post them today! Perhaps tomorrow I will get closr and get a good shot of them. There are some more swampy ponds/small lochs over in t he next field and I have heard that all sorts of ducks, swans and herons next near them in the spring so I will need to investigate them -could be a good source of future blips!

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