By earthdreamer

Thank You

A Very Big Thank You

I've been more than a little overwhelmed by all the comments you've written on my 300th blip. It's rare for me to be lost for words, but I truly am today. You said such very lovely things. I've been floating around a bit today! I really do not know what to say other then offer a huge thank you to everyone in blipworld who takes the trouble to drop by and contribute to my journal. You are a very special bunch of people. This is a quite extraordinary community and I feel truly privileged to be a part of it.

I'm being realistic and accept that I'm not going to be able to thank each of you individually for the lovely things that you've said. Working all day at a computer, I'm really trying to spend less time at the keyboard in the evenings and at weekends, especially now the days are getting longer. I guess the only way I can repay all the compliments is to keep getting out and sharing with you this wonderful landscape I'm lucky enough to be able to explore on a daily basis. I hope that's ok!

With the fell race tomorrow I didn't want to stuff my legs too much on the bike today, so I just went up the Dale for about 30 miles. The clouds were again very dramatic and I took loads of pictures, but I was really drawn to this one above all the others, in fact the very last shot I took as I neared home. You've seen this copse of trees before here, a blip that was received very well, so I think I can get away with a different perspective and treatment. I suspect that this will not be the last time I blip them either. I'm very fond of this highly photogenic copse. This is the best I can do by way of a thank you today.

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