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By SnapshotSam

Tackling Poverty

Been to Oxfam today and came away with a very exciting new project. Thank you M :)

Working in the world of finance, reports and figures, it's really refreshing to be able to do some work that let's me be a little creative!

I won't say more until I have some more details and then I'll be telling everyone as the more people who know the better!

The picture is of rails of hangers waiting for donated clothes. The local Oxfam has a regular turnover of donations, which is really good to see. The volunteers I've met are really lovely, friendly people who give a lot of their spare time.

Bit of info from Oxfam's web site:
Oxfam's aim is to tackle poverty. It opened one of the world's first charity shop chains starting with a shop in Oxford in 1948. This innovative fundraising idea attracted donations ranging from false teeth, various stuffed animals, up to a houseboat. Today the shop network raises millions, and there's an online version too.

I know there are loads of charity shops on the high street but they do help a lot of good causes.

I hope you're all having a good weekend :)

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