Do you give a toss?

Pancakes twice in the space of six days! Miss PicturePoems is home for a few days and, as she failed to have pancakes on Shrove Tuesday, suggested we have some today.

Here she is tossing one. Mine actually! And by the time I got the pan in focus and the pancake in shot vertically (so that it looks like a pancake and not like a narrow yellow smudge), it was in bits.

But, as you know, I like doing jigsaws, so I pieced it together, added fresh lemon and sugar, and it's now in even smaller pieces in my tummy. Yum!

Lovely sunny day, so off for a walk later - my last day before taking over Carer's duties again, with the consequential constant clock-watching. Had a good break though.

Thanks for all your kind comments about my blip-inspired poem yesterday. It was fun playing on Photoshop to make the colours more spooky!

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