My Life 2012...

By SophM22

?at the car wash...?

At the car wash baby, YEEEEEHHHHH! Fi and I went to the maybird centre today & then we were domesticated and went to tesco (we are both orphans home alone!) and then I had to go to the car wash.... This is us in the car wash! It mostly consisted of me closing my eyes, lots of screaming and Fi saying 'I reckon it would be really easy for someone to kill you in a car wash!' oh my god...

I hate the car wash, I don't like being enclosed with things scrubbing my windows and stuff :-( ahhhhhhh! I just don't like it and the blowdryer thing at the end is even worse, it is like it isnt going to make it over the car! Ahhhhh!

Steak for tea tonight, YUMMY!

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