Covered in Bees

By PaulFS

Heron'd Now (also known as Melon Heron)

~ What?

~ Heron'd Now! It's meant to be a play on 'Here and Now', because the Heron was Here and it was Now... Then... There...

~ I know what it is! I just hope you'll see sense before submitting what has got to be the worst play on words since Storm in a Treecup!

~ Do you have anything better? Do you know how many words rhyme with heron? I mean *really* rhyme with heron? Melon? Tenuous at best. Melon Heron? This heron has just eaten a melon, so I've called it Melon Heron?

~ If it had eaten a melon; actually, even if it hadn't eaten a melon, it would still be a better title than Heron'd Now...

~ Fine. FINE! It's both! It's Heron'd Now *and* it's Melon Heron! Happy?!?!

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