What's our vector, Victor?

We have clearance, Clarence. Roger, Roger. What's our vector, Victor?

Cockpit crew in the movie, Airplane.

Up at 6 today, paper by 7, porridge fed children by 7.30, out of the house by 9.
At Woodchester Park by 10.

A gothic, uncompleted mansion, badly situated in a deep but beautiful Cotswold valley, reputed to be haunted, with remarkable landscaped parkland and lakes.

We had a great walk in warm sunshine beneath a blue sky. Here are the assorted results of that trip. I thought the boathouse was a possible alternative but it seems a bit of a cliche. Can we do cliche on blipfoto?

Ending the weekend more tired than at the start. Football, lunch with parents, pub for rugby, dash to take advantage of Waitrose Curry offer, slumber on sofa, falling asleep with headphones on full volume sort of day yesterday. Very pleasant though!

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