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Woodland Spirit

Following on from yesterday's visit to Lacock Abbey, I thought today was a good day to take a look at the two wire sculptures I overlooked. Both of these were Woodland Spirits and I got pictures of them this afternoon. I decided to give this one a bit of suitably fantastical setting so I had a bit of a play with the editing.

I took a walk through the village as well, and saw a trap with two ponies riding down Church Street.

I also saw this charming window, spoiled by three stickers that read, "Lacock Tenants Association - Residents Parking Area - Visitors Use Car Park Provided". As you see there are no yellow lines in the road, so this signs have no validity in law. The car park they want everyone to use is run by the National Trust and costs up to about a fiver a time for non-members and there's a box requesting a further donation as you leave it. The rates the tenants that live there pay take into account that vehicle license holders have a right to park on the road outside their property. Rant over.

Blip #644
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Day #704

Woodland Spirit And Onlooker
Ponies And Trap

Inner Spirit Collection (2012-2013) (Flickr album of 79 images)
Two Visits To Lacock, 25-26 February 2012 (Flickr album of 23 images)

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